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Idol star leaves Vikings Pants on the ground and a game short January 25, 2010

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The American Idol sensation, General Larry Platt, has hit the nation, and the Minnesota Vikings locker room.  Just last week after beating the Dallas Cowboys 34-3, starting quarterback, Brett Favre, chanted his rendition of “Pants on the Ground” by General Platt. The video surfaced on media outlets and was an instant hit.

The team decided that they would fly in General Platt to help them prepare for the NFC championship game this past Sunday against the New Orleans Saints. After a very close game, the Vikings ended up losing to the Saints in overtime 31-28. The visit by Platt seemed to be a bad decision by the organization, but the pre-game publicity and hype seemed to bring in the numbers. The videos have been a hit and have given the Vikings a little post-game fame even after the big loss on Sunday.

In the teams best interested, they “adopted” Platt as a minnesota Viking, as well as gave him the support and fame that the 62-year-old, Idol rejection, wanted. The Saints went on to give Favre and the entire team credit for an outstanding game and season, and made no remark on the Viking’s decision to fly in Platt for the pre-game festivities. It will be interesting to see if teams will follow in the footsteps of the Vikings by engaging in pop-cultural “rituals” before a game, or reject the idea in the future to save themselves the “jinx”.

So, after all of the publicity and fame is over for Favre and the Vikings, it is the Saints who will represent the NFC in the Super Bowl game against the AFC champions, the Indianapolis Colts. I can guarantee the Saints won’t be standing around with their pants on the ground this week while preparing for the big game. Fun and games are over, it’s time for some REAL football.


2 Responses to “Idol star leaves Vikings Pants on the ground and a game short”

  1. kim sauer Says:

    Nice blog. Heard bits and pieces this week-end of this story. Thanks for putting it together for me. Keep up the informative work.

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