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McCoy is in the mix February 15, 2010

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campus media group

campus media group

After University of Texas’ quarterback, Colt McCoy, had a game ending stinger in his throwing arm at the National Championship last month, many were worried that he would not perform at the NFL combine next week. Well, worry no more McCoy fans! Colt has been watched very closely by coaches, fans and now medical staff who have released him to compete in the combine. As reported by NBC sports and ESPN, Colt is currently throwing 40-50 passes a day and doing other recovery drills to make sure he will be able to throw next week. He has said he is very close to 100 percent, but that he will not do any exercises that the doctors tell him not to do.

Colt can add one more accomplishment to the books this week; on Monday night, McCoy was recognized with the Davey O’Brien Award as the nation’s top quarterback. He is said to be the third best quarterback going into the draft, behind Oklahoma QB, Sam Bradford, and Notre Dames’s Jimmy Clausen.

Beyond the accomplishments, I believe the fans and coaches have continued to not doubt Colt and his ability to perform after his injury in the national championship because he has been so consistent and loyal. Colt came out a redshirt freshman in 2006 to start for the Texas Longhorns and never once turned back. He had a roller-coaster year or two but continued to keep his head up and lead his team. In my opinion, Vince Young may have been the hardest starting QB to ever have to start after.

Colt’s reputation precedes his football skills. He is known to be personable, a team leader and a role model. His faith and manners have led him very far and I would be more than proud to be Colt’s publicist in the NFL. I believe that he will be a leader from day one and keep his reputation clean.


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