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Tiger: Swing and Miss? February 25, 2010

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Tiger Woods made a public statement this past Friday in reference to the activities that have transpired due to his actions off the golf course. I believe that he/his publicist were very smart to restrict the media and invitations to the press conference. The events leading up to the press conference were very professional and handled very well. It made people want to watch and left the public on their toes for the event.

When the conference actually happened, I believe quite a few people were let down. Woods seemed extremely rehearsed and dry. Some people said he was “insincere” and that he was just trying to save himself, not his marriage. Tiger’s wife was not in appearance, which I believe was a good call. From the view of the publicist, Woods was trying to “save himself”.   He kept repeating that he “screwed up” which many people already know, but his emotionless face did not seem so convincing.

I think it was a safe statement and that the media wanted more, but for the sake of his reputation it was important for Tiger to not answer any questions and stick to the script. One thing I was disappointed about was that he did not say specifically when he would start golfing again. He did say that he would be golfing again after getting more help for his addictions, both drug and sex.

One thing that pissed me off was; just after his TV re-debut, Tiger was seen putting on a show at the golf course. He had a photographer following him around taking some pictures so it looked like he was back on the course. I feel like the entire weekend was so rehearsed. Don’t quit your day job Tiger! He would make a terrible actor.

I do think that the support Tiger is receiving from his mom and his sponsorship deals such as Nike, looks very good for his reputation. After all is said and done, as a publicist I think Tiger is doing a good job of keeping in safe and clean, but as a golf lover/ex-Tiger fan, I am not happy with everything that has transpired since Friday.


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