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"Self-praise is for losers. Be a winner. Stand for something. Always have class, and be humble." John Madden

Twitter Assignment March 1, 2010

Over the past week I have been following three different tweeters pertaining to public relations in the entertainment field. I followed a celebrity, Ellen Degeneres, a publicist, Elaine Garza with Giant Noise and an entertainment news reporter Perez Hilton.

My first tweeter, Ellen, known by the twitter world as @TheEllenShow is a well known comedian, actress and daytime talk show host. She tweeted a total of 43 times over the five day period that I was monitoring her Twitter site. It was evident through Ellen’s posts that she uses her Twitter account to connect with fans by posting clips of her show and by posting her thoughts and opinions on current events. One example of her tweets is, “Jeremy Renner is in one of my favorite movies on the year, “The Hurt Locker” & I also get to have him on my Oscars show!” Ellen has been tweeting for a long time, so her posts are continuously very good. She uses a lot of TwitPics and video inserts in her posts which make them very hands on and exciting. I really enjoy following Ellen, but one downfall of her Twitter page is that she does not post on the weekends very often. During the day she posts about 10 times but on the weekends she will maybe post once or twice. I wish she would post on Saturdays and Sundays, and I think she would have a very effective and fun to follow Twitter page.

The second person I followed on Twitter this past week was Elaine Garza, a publicist for Giant Noise. She can be found @GiantNoiseEG on Twitter.  Unlike Ellen, Elaine did not post very much the past week. In the five days of monitoring, she only posted 13 times. Most of her posts were pertaining to upcoming events and news about Giant Noise. For example, “AFF LONE STAR BADGES ARE $75 THIS WEEK ONLY! #aff10” and “Heard a rumor the @giantnoise crew won themselves a night at a Bunkhouse hotel during @joscoffee trivial pursuit. Congrats guys.” It seems as if Elaine uses her Twitter account to tie together her personal feelings to her work. I did not personally enjoy following Elaine very much because her tweets were not pertaining or interesting to me. If she had more thoughts on news that was related to me, I would probably enjoy her Twitter site more.

The last person I followed was celebrity gossip columnist, Perez Hilton at @PerezHilton on Twitter. Perez was my favorite person to follow because he tied together his personal life with his “job” of reporting celebrity gossip. He tweeted almost 100 times during observation, so i felt caught up on his ideas and thoughts at all times. Some tweets included: “@zayhill Happy birthday! xoox” and “Sending good thoughts to Jenny McCarthy’s son! RT @JennyfromMTV Evan spiked fever. On seizure alert. Send good thoughts!!”

This project was very eye opening to the Twitter world and how celebrities and the like use their personal accounts to connect to the world both personally and professionally.


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